Sunday, September 29, 2013

Can you believe he's 7!?

Happy birthday Bridger! Another year has come and gone, time seems to fly with you. We could not ask for a better big brother and oldest child. You have a heart of gold and adore Connor and Emma. School and baseball are two of your favorite things, both come pretty natural. Just last week you told me you want to be an FBI agent when you grow up. Legos are your absolute favorite thing to play with! You and Connor spend hours building such creative creations. Dad and I love you to the moon and back a billion times! Happy birthday! 
Love, mom

Monday, June 10, 2013

Emmy Rachie

Baby girl, 
  How has a year gone by since you joined our family!? You are so dang cute, especially with the little gap in your 2 front teeth. You have quite the personality and there's never a dull moment with you!  I tell you beauty hurts when I'm trying to fix your hair and you are screaming at me. You love to pull things out of drawers, you love doing the dishes with me and you of course love sucking that thumb! Your brothers adore you and they will always protect you! Sometimes they love you so much you get mad at them. Daddy definitely has a special place in his heart for you Emma! Your eyes light up when he gets home from work and you love to snuggle with him and watch Rockies games. We are so grateful we have you in our family Emmy Rachie. Love you a billion times around the sun. Happy 1st birthday!


Monday, April 1, 2013

My sweet Connor

How are you already 3 years old!? I love you more and more each day! You make me giggle even when you don't nap and drive me crazy. Sometimes I pick you up, squeeze you, and kiss those little cheeks of yours...just because you are my little "precious" Connor. You are so serious yet so funny and quick witted! You told me just yesterday that Bridger is your best friend. You love Emma and you love to make her smile and laugh at you. The way you talk and say certain words like "grandpa" pronounced "graydpa" might be the cutest thing I've ever heard. You ask me all day long what I'm doing and we both laugh when I tell you I'm mowing the lawn or making cookies when I am actually doing something else like driving or doing the laundry. Last week you crawled out of your car seat and came up in the passenger seat and said "hi mom" with the biggest grin on your face because you knew if you didn't I would remember to scold you for not staying buckled up on our way to get Bridger from school. I am so glad you are my little joke. I love you to the moon and back ten times.
Love, mom

Monday, March 11, 2013

8 years....

And I love him more than ever!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I seriously don't know why I go so long in between posts. Life has been crazy busy but crazy good.
Bridger continues to love school! He is reading very well at this point and can count to 100 by 1', 2's, 5's and 10's including counting backwards. He loves building with legos and is looking forward to playing soccer and T-ball this spring/summer.
Connor is about to turn 3 and boy does he have a personality, he reminds me of Jeremy and how he probably was as a young boy :) He has pretty much abandoned naps. He does things at "Connor" pace and could careless about what I say, if it's not his idea, it's not a good one. Boy he keeps me on my toes. We sure love him, all 22.9lbs! (he had a check up in January and that's what he weighed fully clothed) He loves playing (well bossing) Emmy around too!
Emmy is 8 months! Time sure flies! She's as cute as ever and is such a good baby! She crawls and loves to climb, last week she was pulling herself up on a chair in the dining room and dropped right on her forehead and gave herself a nice shiner. She recently got her 2 bottom teeth in within a week of each other! Oh and she loves to eat, she can sense if anyone in the house is eating and will scream until she is fed also! She weighed 13.4lbs at her 6 mo check up
Jeremy started his new job at the beginning of the year and is loving having a normal schedule. Monday through Thursday is perfect! He is getting excited about coaching Tball again and looking forward to the summer so we can camp and go boating!
I transferred out of OB and into the surgery department at the hospital last week. It was a big decision but 1 week into the change I am loving it. I will work PRN now and basically decide when and how much I will work (probably 1-3 days/week) the most exciting nights, weekends, or holidays! Just a couple call nights a month and 1 weekend of call every couple of months! So for the first time in our almost 8 year marriage we are no longer working shift work! It's pretty exciting!
Bridger even asked me "mom how come daddy doesn't work anymore?" I had to explain how Jeremy now works during the day while he's at school (Jeremy gets home about 30 minutes after Bridger so it's perfect!)

We went to Hawaii for a week in December and had so much fun! Christmas came and went and now here we are almost through February... Goodness! Hope all is well with each of you!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A few funnies of the day

After watching the election last night at work, I was quite saddened and disappointed. I came home this morning and found Bridger anxiously waiting for me. The first thing he said was he missed me and couldn't wait to talk to me. We had about an hour conversation over the election and I just wanted to share some of that.
Me: "Obama won."
Bridger: "oh no" with tears in his eyes "are you and daddy going to lose your jobs?"
I went on to explain that we won't lose them right away and that our economy in Wyoming especially Gillette is fueled by coal and oil but if things don't pickup we might not have them in the future. My poor little Bridger was so concerned. He is so sweet and compassionate that he told me "mom good thing you have 2 jobs so in case you lose 1, you still have the other" I had to laugh. He than went on to explain that he has been saving money in his piggy bank and if he needs to he will give it all to us and he has "so much" saved up. Our little conversation made me cry but also made me so proud for the heart Bridger has. I'm so lucky he's my little buster. On the way to school, he asked "mom how did Obama win when there was all that red on the map?" I realized he's too smart for his own good and I attempted to explain the electoral college to the best of my ability to a 6 year old. Tonight in his prayers he said "we pray for Romney that he may try again except win the next time." Jeremy and I looked at each other and both had to giggle.
We are proud to be American and hope and pray the future is brighter and better for all!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

What a fun day for these skeletons and our little lady bug! Bridger had fun at his school party than we enjoyed trick or treating for a few hours. Our neighbor told the boys they could have as much as they wanted, Bridger politely grabbed one piece, while Connor grabbed a handful :) guess he got my sweet tooth! The weather was beautiful, 70* and sunny! The boys enjoyed sitting on the porch waiting for trick or treaters and fighting over who got to hand the candy out.